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dana | 

I started my life journey with plants at 5 years old. Already art was placed in museums in NYC, I was born a natural and builder. I discovered stage and building sets in high school and photography. I wish I could say to that person that said I couldnt do it,  that, we can really do everything. I just had to find a way where all my favorite things would connect.

I always follow my dreams.

Years ago, in a dream, the wind blew my hair twirling it up and around.I had a sword. A lady had arrived on her horse. She mirrored me, reflected me. Who was she? I knew her. Though, I knew I might meet her in my lifetime, but when? What would you say to your younger self?  When you are stronger, wiser and accomplished.


 Im just doing all the things Im good at. Why cant I express art through nature and have it work in all seasons.  




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