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Garrison NY
Eco Garden Design 

* Garden Design, Patio and Terrace

* Stonework, Planting

* Garden Analysis and Consulting

* Seasonal Planters

* Fall Cleanup Winterizing

* Meadows and Upkeep

* Planting Scheme and Planning

* Tree, Shrub, Perennial Locating/Buying

* Trellis', Structures, Art

* Green Infrastructure

Water Mgmt, Soil, Composting

       With permaculture and naturalization techniques as guiding principles, I bring a love of design and a deep respect for nature. I offer a range of services to create, re-create and allow spaces and gardens to grow with their own individual beauty.


Drawing on my experience and expertise;

Pratt School of Design, CHHC, PDC certifications in Holistic Health Coaching and Permaculture Design. A background in visual arts, theatre and set design. Ive worked with Tiffany & Co., Aspen Floral Events, The Walt Disney World Resort Co., currently NYBG Exhibit Assistant.

Having done all of these things, I never choose to stop learning.  My inspirations and goals never fail to be functional and unique !

How I work

*Walk through the yard with you

*Determine the scope of the design and evaluate the property.

An Analysis of the property,Unity and Functionality

*Map out the plans , add in plant suggestions.



*Go over the project ideas, information, concepts or drawings, costs and make finalized decisions on the project.

*Determine availabilty and install.

$75/hr Design Fee

Plus Crew

plus travel

$50/hr  Continued Maintenance 

plus travel

Image by Thom Milkovic
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