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Garrison NY

garrison ny

           Gardening |Design




                             Philipstown ,Westchester, Ulster, Hudson Valley NY

 Im excited for the many things Ive built and have been planning.

Permaculture, holistic and artistic techniques are my guiding principles. I use a signature of plants that work seasonally and those that are versatile within an ever changing climate. Native plants and perennials, meadow design and upkeep, restoration gardening, estate care and management.

NYBG Certified, CHHC, Permaculture. 


DESIGN with Installation
Rain Gardens ,Meadows, Cut Flower Gardens, Tea Gardens,
bulbs, Dye Gardens, Collectors Gardens 
Garden renovations, decluttering, rebuilding or new garden, weeding and upkeep.

Seasonal Planters
Raised beds, Trellis'. Stonework by Jaime.

I can help your garden, open up paths, clear out, introduce you to new plants or trees, make room for something new, or build whats already there.


Let's talk about your project !

 1.Send any photos along through email

2. Lets talk by phone

3. Then, we find a time to walk through the gardens/areas.


With a Consultation Youll Get -

Ideas and an analysis of the project/ property

If you want to move further -

Ill map out plans and give plant suggestions.

Go over concepts, drawings, costs, time, materials.

Determine availability and install.

Consider type of upkeep or continue onto the next phase.

Image by Thom Milkovic
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