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A kitchen garden is an outdoor edible garden with flowers, garden beds and supports

kitchen gardens


Custom Garden Design: 

Custom garden design services to suit your unique style, space and your needs!

Poppy Field


Detailed Garden Plan:  I provide detailed garden plans, including plant selection, growing tips, and other useful information to make the gardening experience more productive and enjoyable.
Installation Assistance: 
I offer installation services to help you set up your gardens with the right equipment and materials. Ongoing Maintenance:  To keep the garden in good shape and optimize production throughout the growing season.
Garden Coaching: Coaching and support services that cover topics like pest control, soil analysis, plant care, harvest techniques to help you get the most out of your kitchen gardens.  Garden-Based Recipes: Suggestions for using fresh grown vegetables, fruits and flowers. 
Garden improving Techniques: I also Offer classes or workshops focused on gardening techniques that can enhance plants, visit to exchange ideas on pests.
,I can offer comprehensive support throughout the entire gardening season, including designing, setting up and installing, providing ongoing assistance.

Image by Thom Milkovic
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